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    Hands-on activities, such as robotics programming, 3D CAD, and engineering design, as well as educational tours of military facilities fill the STARBASE program with hours of inspiring learning opportunities.

  • Application Process

    STARBASE accepts applications for 5th grade classes. Any school can apply. Schools that best match our mission requirements and who have teachers that extend the program at school are given the highest consideration. Applications for a class must be turned in to STARBASE via fax or email by May 1st in order to be considered for the following school year. Applications will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis. Selected classes are notified of their acceptance at the end of May which includes a list of dates their class will be attending STARBASE the following school year. Teachers must submit an application for each class they would like to have attend. Contact your closest STARBASE VT site to start the application process.

    Not a school? STARBASE Vermont is committed to furthering STEM education with grade levels, programs, and entities outside of our requirements when possible. Reach out to us to see if there is a way to collaborate!


    • “Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to do what was necessary to get our students to STARBASE this year. I heard so many positive comments and immense thank yous from parents and community members.”

      Cathy Darley
      5th Grade Teacher
      Educator at Orwell Village School
    • “Thank you for another rich STEM learning adventure in these crazy times! It is wonderful to work with such passionate, organized, and flexible educators!”

      Bronwyn Low
      Teacher at Integrated Arts Academy
    • “Any opportunity students get to immerse in learning about their world through such a collaborative STEM lens, like STARBASE Vermont, is a GIFT.”

      Bridget Nardiello
      Teacher at Lincoln Community School
    • “The students loved STARBASE VT. They were excited, engaged and inquiring throughout the program. I could hear them talking about their experiences outside of school. STARBASE VT allowed us to review and learn new concepts. It allowed us to use the concepts we learned with new experiences.”

      Dale Pecor
      Teacher at CP Smith School
    • “The STARBASE program is an incredible experience for our students. The hands-on approach and learning challenging topics makes the information accessible to every student.”

      Edward Dechen
      Educator at Rutland Intermediate School
    • “The lessons and activities [at STARBASE] reinforced many standards in Math and Science we had already been learning, and there was lots of new learning too. The technology and hands on experimentation/ engineering increased our students opportunities for active STEM work.”

      Tracy Garland
      Orchard School, So. Burlington, VT
    • “I think STARBASE is perfect; well thought out and expertly delivered!”

      Lolly Bliss
      Orchard School, So. Burlington, VT
    • “The students were consistently excited and engaged in STARBASE.”

      5th Grade Teacher
      Burlington, VT
    • “The children LOVE Starbase. Next year’s students are already asking me about it. The older children (previous participants) talk with me constantly about our
      Starbase experience.”

      4th Grade Teacher
      Mt. Holly, Vermont
  • Meeting educational standards one day at a time!

    Click a site button below to download a summary of activities and standards that will be practiced in typical five day schedule.
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  • Want to do more with your class?

    Click below for STARBASE Extension Activities!

    Explore a collection of 30-60 minutes activities you can try with your class after a day at STARBASE.

    Feedback is welcome! Please reach out after completing any of these activities so we can continue to offer you high quality enhancements to the curriculum.


    STARBASE Vermont has launched an afterschool program for middle school students! The STARBASE 2.0 Program takes place at various schools in the Burlington and Rutland area and is expanding each year. Consisting of multiple weeks of hands-on projects, 2.0 specifically serves students with a passion in STEM. Projects vary but have included robotics, chemistry labs, model rocketry, computer aided design, circuit building, and 3D printing. The 2.0 program depends on the support of local professionals who bring their expertise to the classroom. Our mentors provide quality instruction and promote positive choices with the students. Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in volunteering or starting a 2.0 program at your school.


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