Program Description & Impact


    The Annual Report to Congress written by The Spectrum Group concluded that: “The STARBASE Program is unique in that it provides students with a hands-on, experiential approach to learning, with the guidance of trained and experienced teachers and military personnel who make learning fun, practical, and relevant. The program provides students with an environment that encourages self-esteem, personal growth, individual achievement, and strong character through the positive role models found on military bases and installations. The DoD STARBASE Program has enjoyed exceptional acceptance and support by the communities it serves as well as from military and civilian participants who extol not only the program, but also personal benefits they have gained from it. Most importantly, the program has achieved in basic objectives, producing positive student performance results in math and science, and helping students develop pro-social attitudes about themselves, including their belief in their ability to manage daily challenges.”


    A survey of STARBASE Vermont participants yielded the following results:

    • 96.8% of parents who responded to a written survey said that STARBASE Vermont was a worthwhile investment in youth education.
    • 100% of teachers who participated felt that STARBASE Vermont was a valuable learning experience for their students.
    • 98% of teachers gave the program an overall rating of “outstanding” or “excellent.”
    • 85% of teachers who participated use the STARBASE curriculum in their classrooms at school.
    • 83.2% of participating students said they liked science, math and technology following STARBASE.
    • 82.5% of participating students said they think more about their goals, and how to reach them, after STARBASE.
    • 82.8% of participating students said STARBASE improved their teamwork skills.
    • 0.3% of participating students did not like STARBASE.