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  • Learning from home?

    Click on any image below to visit the STARBASE Vermont Google Drive Folder. The STARBASE Vermont staff have created fun science activities, slideshows, and videos you can check out and try at your house! Happy E- Learning!


    Projects, Videos & Links

    Please take some time to check out links to cool science websites, as well as some neat science videos, and other opportunities to expand your brain. And don’t forget to send your favorite STARBASE instructor an e-mail letting them know what you’ve been doing on the path to fulfilling your goals.




    Chemistry is the study of what everything is made of. It is time to think about very small structures and chemical reactions!

    Physics and Energy

    Physics is the study of energy and how things move. How do engineers make large objects move fast or slow? How do you stop an object from moving? How can we collect more energy? How does this apply to launching your rocket? We will help you explore how energy changes forms in our universe.


    Robotics & Nanotechnology

    Learn how to program a Lego EV3 robot. Learn how engineers can make changes to an object using molecules so the object can react to changes!


    Ever wonder how a GPS works? What do the satellites do in space anyway? Come explore Washington D.C or Vermont or maybe even the Big Island of Hawaii using real pictures and maps.


    Computer Aided Design

    Use the same program that engineers use to design your own parts and assemble your own space station, submarine, or drone! Be sure to check out our 3D printer!

    Eggbert Crash Landing

    Design a safety restraint device for a real egg on a crash course to one of the moons that orbit Mars. Make the best prototype, talk with your team, stay within the budget, and look at many different designs. It’s all part of the Engineering Design Process!


    Data & Graphs

    Use science experiments to collect data. After the experiments, think, analyze the numbers and graph them to understand what happened.

    Measurement & Geometry

    Practice using ordered pairs in activities that rely on coordinate grids. Use the same tools that scientists and engineers use with all your STARBASE missions.

  • Broken Rocket? No Problem!

    If your Estes STARBASE Star Cruiser rocket is broken:

    Estes Rockets provides a simple online warranty form. You will need a working email and your replacement parts for your Starbase rocket will be sent right to your school or house. Contact Estes to submit the Warranty and Parts Contact Information. All rocket parts have a ONE YEAR warranty.


    • “Thank you so much for everything! I was so scared to go to STARBASE Vermont and when I met you I was so happy to be there. I love the experiments you did with us like Eggbert, Computer Aided Design, and more! Thank you so much!”

      Madi and Nina
      Students attending from Christ The King School
    • “Is this magic?”“No, it is science!”

      Students attending from from JFK Elementary School
    • “This week at STARBASE Vermont has been so fun. I have learned so many things in this experience and I have gotten so many questions answered! Thank you!”

      Student attending from Lincoln Community School
    • “Some feedback I would like to give STARBASE Vermont is that the staff are very nice and I LOVED all the things we did.”

      Student attending from Lincoln Community School
    • “One of my takeaways was really enjoying the rocket activity that I was hesitant about trying. I also took away that Science is really FUN.”

      Student attending from Lincoln Community School
    • “Thank you so much for the amazing experience. My favorite part was building satellites in CAD- my fantastical space hotel! I learned about Sir Isacc Newton and what he did. Thank you again!”

      Student attending from Folsom School
    • “Thanks so much for this awesome experience even in these troubled times.”

      Student attending from Bellows Falls Academy Fairfax
    • “STARBASE is my favorite!!! I love learning about science and having fun!! Thank you so much!”

      Ella Kits
      Student at Christ the King School
    • “Thank you so much for teaching me at STARBASE. I really enjoyed learning all about STEM. I also liked the Eggbert experiment. My favorite part of STARBASE was launching rockets. I love to watch the rockets launch. I really appreciate all of the fun activities. Thank you for letting the KES 6th grade participate.”

      Sam Daigle
      Student at Killington Elementary School
  • Shrek Article Download

  • Having a hard time making a unique callsign?

    Check out the “Shrek” Article about how real Fighter Pilots and NASA Astronauts got theirs!

  • Are you part of a military family? 

    Apply to attend STARBASE this summer for Free:

    STARBASE VT in So. Burlington offers a summer camp for 5th/6th graders of Military Families. This fun science focused camp takes place each year the week of August 1st.  Please fill out the Summer Application and return it to STARBASE before July 1st to attend. 

    Feel free to email for more information

  • Are you a Homeschool student? 

    Apply to attend STARBASE this summer for Free:

    Each year STARBASE VT hosts homeschool students for the same program offered to Vermont Public Schools! STARBASE Homeschool takes place for one week at the end of June each school year.   Priority is given to 5th grade students, who have not previously attended. If you or your child are interested in attending this year, please email


  • Bill Nye the science guy explains chemical reactions.

  • Check out these cool science experiments!

  • Nitinol Memory Wire (Nanotechnology in action) by Steve Spangler

  • Check out these cool science experiments!