It is free, it is fun, and it is fast-paced! According to our assessment data, the 25 hour curriculum, extension activities, and afterschool program make STARBASE an ideal way for students to absorb an incredible amount of information in a short amount of time. STARBASE is an experience that directly supports what a classroom teacher is doing in his or her classroom to meet the academic and social goals of their students.

    What kinds of activities will the kids be participating in?

    Students complete engaging, hands-on activities focused on STEM subjects as well as team building. Team activities are open to creative design or problem-solving and involve many types of electronic and non-electronic technology. Students transition from activities throughout the day.

    At the South Burlington location, a typical day begins in the classroom; students then rotate through lessons in the computer lab and a multipurpose area.

    At the Rutland location, most of a typical day is held in the classroom. Depending on the lesson, students may have the opportunity to use the computers which are also in the classroom. For activities that require more space, students will utilize our larger multipurpose room.

    Students break for snack, lunch, and recess as well. All activities are tied to Science and Math concepts as outlined by the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

    How long is the program?

    Students attend STARBASE for five days for a total of 25 hours. The program includes five days of instruction beginning at 9:00 am and ending at 2:00 pm. Students are in a space designed especially for their learning. Our Rutland site is located at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Rutland and our Burlington Site is located on the Air National Guard. After completing STARBASE teachers have the option to complete extension activities back at school.

    How many students may attend in a classroom?

    The STARBASE program works with one to two classes each day (average class size of 21 students) from the same school and grade level. Classes generally stay together for specific tasks throughout the day and see multiple STARBASE teachers at work.

    Does STARBASE have a cafeteria or a place to get food?

    The STARBASE Vermont location does not have food available to purchase. Students need to pack a lunch or request a lunch from their school. The STARBASE teachers work with classroom teachers to make sure all students are provided for.

    What about continuing education and activities outside the STARBASE program?

    STARBASE Vermont provides a list to each student of other local programs that offer STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) related programs to families or schools. Additionally, teachers are provided with STEM activities they can do back at school as a class. STARBASE Vermont is currently generating interest in offering a summer workshop for teachers in order to collaborate on different local school’s science curriculum.

    Will STARBASE be expanding to other areas in Vermont?

    With two locations and over 1500 students attending annually, STARBASE Vermont rarely has to turn down a school due to location. If a school feels they are too far, staff will try to work with that school to develop an alternative schedule to still reach those students. The So. Burlington STARBASE also offers a week long home school program each June to invite even more opportunities for local students to participate. The Rutland STARBASE offers a week long mid-summer program for students whose relatives work at certain local companies in the Rutland area. Over the past two years, each STARBASE site has coordinated after school programs, participated in STE/AM Days on site and at schools/camps, created programming for public libraries, worked with alternative education schools to supplement science education, provided a presence maker fairs, helped out on family days at our military facilities, and fostered better working relationships with local museums.

    Do you have a summer program?

    STARBASE Vermont offers a summer camp only to students who have family active in the military. STARBASE staff have also collaborated with local educational programs like Rosie’s Girls, Young Eagles, Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts to enhance any science or engineering project that those learners may be working on.

    Do you have an after school program?

    STARBASE Vermont is in the fourth year of an after school program called STARBASE 2.0! Middle school students who have attended STARBASE or who have a strong interest in STEM are invited by teachers to work with other selected students in a hands on after school program. Students work with STEM mentors and STARBASE teachers to further their interest in science topics. The program takes place currently at Hunt Middle School and JFK School. STARBASE is always looking for mentors, contact us if you would like to volunteer!

    Why are we located on a military base?

    STARBASE is a nationwide program with over 60 locations across the United States. We receive our funding and curriculum from the Department of Defense. Our lessons, materials and teaching staff are closely regulated by the DoD. All STARBASE sites are located on military installations.

    How are students assessed at STARBASE?

    Many of the students that attend STARBASE take a pre- and post-test with their teachers. In doing this, the instructors and classroom teacher are able to see areas of improvement for students and areas that the instructors need to focus more closely on so that students can become more proficient. Average test scores show between 20-40% improvement between the tests as a result of the STARBASE curriculum.

    Does STARBASE have any memorabilia for students?

    We sure do! We sell STARBASE hats and t-shirts at each location. We have a variety of colors and sizes available. The cost is $10 for each. Classroom teachers receive more information and order forms.