Extension Activities

  • Welcome Teachers!

    Below you will find resources for six lessons to use with your class.
    Each lesson is designed to take place after specific STARBASE activities; 
    please check your class has the prerequisites required!
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  • Contraption Action

    Prerequisite: Energy Fundamentals/Charged Changes

    Length: 30-45 Minutes

    Subject: Energy & Engineering

    Computer Not Required

    Summary: Students learn about Potential and Kinetic Energy by building a Rube Goldberg Device.



  • Molecular Models in Action

    Prerequisite: “Molecular Models” at STARBASE

    Length: 30 Minutes

    Subject: Chemistry

    Computer Not Required

    Summary: Students connect their understanding of chemical reactions and molecular models with this simple experiment.


  • 3 Laws IN Motion

    Prerequisite: Rocket Construction

    Length: 30-45 Minutes over two days

    Subject: Physics

    Computers optional

    Summary: Students work in groups to create models of Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.


  • Eggbert Budget Busters

    Prerequisite: Eggbert

    Length: 30 Minutes

    Subject: Mathematics & Engineering

    Computer Not Required

    Summary: Students examine the mathematics of engineering budgets with their Eggbert Shuttles.


  • GPS Dream Vacation

    Prerequisite: Mapping

    Length: 30 Minutes

    Subject: Technology

    Computers needed

    Summary: Students use Google Earth to plan a dream vacation
    to a number of famous international STEM Locations


  • STEM Career Path

    Prerequisite: None

    Length: 30 Minutes

    Subject: STEM Careers

    Computer Required

    Summary: Students research STEM Career opportunities in Vermont.


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